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Today I received a request from a women who thought a curse was put on her...Do I believe in curses? Spells? In a way I do... but then again I also believe in power of positive, and or, negative intentions. When we pray we plead to a higher power to assist us and grant us our intent. The intent could be a good one or a bad one. A curse would be considered negative and a spell could be considered positive or negative also. It depends of what you are asking.

That said, if you feel someone has put a negative curse or spell on you, send it back, with LOVE, it's that simple! And trust me, it works....I will give you an example:

Last year for New Years I was visiting a friend in New the back of my mind I was thinking of one of my son's who was applying to Medical School. As a reader it's not easy to hone in on one of your own so when I saw a sign saying Psychic Reading by "BLANK", I entered. My instincts were telling me she was good so I paid the fee and asked "Will my son enter Medical School?" I received a firm "yes", and was comforted. I should add that I knew that, but of course, you're cloudy when it comes to your own. She proceeded to tell me that I was clogged and that I have a lot of negative energy surrounding me. She recommended, for a fee, a cleanse...I immediately said "no, no thanks, I'm ok."

To me, there is no power greater than God' ones. I surround myself in God's white light constantly it's my first and last waking thought. I couldn't believe I was clogged!

There are no textbooks available as to "how to be a psychic" and I doubted myself for the first time. I paid the fee for the "cleanse" for two reasons, she had a couple of kids running about and I felt she really needed the money and second, it couldn't hurt especially if I was being ignorant to other methods available. I followed the instructions (meditation and visualization on the various spinal charka) I can't say I felt any different but taken moments to quiet the mind and meditate is always a benefit for me...

Returning home I received a follow up phone call from the same psychic. She told me I continued to carry this negative energy and for a small fee, really not so small, she would mail me candles and remedies. Yikes! I responded by saying no disrespect to you or your methods, I am not interested. Well my husband, overhearing my loss of patients with this women, chimed in and said why didn't you just tell her you couldn't afford it? What if she puts a curse on you? Well, I'm not sure which one I wanted to strangle first, him or her!

So there I am sitting at my desk waiting for my day to begin annoyed at the dichotomy in my head. Do curses exist, do they not? I didn't know so I surrendered. I threw my hands in the air and called in the Four Arch Angels. I recited..." if blank blank sends a curse to me, I send it right back with love!" I also asked that she may always have enough money to feed her children and be content and happy. I put my hands down, and in my mind, it was done.

The door knocked and a man and women that I have only read twice before walked in. In her hand was a box, she said she didn't know if it was appropriate but she had bought me a gift. When I opened the box I started to cry, in it was the "Alex and Ani" The seven swords representing the "Seven Arch Angels" bracelet. Not even twenty minuets later the angels answered me! And I thought there were only four....

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